Taylor Swift swears by chia seeds, which can be soaked in water and sipped.

A handful of celebrities, including singer Taylor Swift, have chalked up their recent weight loss to the “miracle” food chia seeds. The seeds are tiny, grayish kernels that come from the beautiful chia flower native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Taylor Swift has lost 10 pounds since last summer, as she snacks on Chia seeds. Taylor is doing it because the seeds swell in your stomach, reduce hunger, and fill her up for hours. Then she, “eats like a bird all day long”. She heard about it from a friend last summer, and puts a few scoops in a smoothie in the morning. Then she snacks on them between award shows, photo shoots, and song writing and they help her get through the day.

The seeds are loaded with fiber, protein, and some key B vitamins. Two tablespoons of the seeds — or about 1 ounce — are 140 calories.